We create Image!


Public perception has significant impact on a company.  A positive corporate profile is imperative in today’s hyper-competitive, global marketplace.  Since 1996,  Lang & Tomaschtik has helped scores of companies create and sustain the positive image they need to be stand out and succeed.  

About us

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Vienna, Lang & Tomaschtik Communications handles all aspects of public relations for its clients.  We know that today’s  ever-evolving world of communication requires us to remain flexible and adaptable  to fast changes in technology and communication tools  We also know that some rules never change…high quality corporate communication always has been and always will be an essential part of overall business strategy. 


Every company is different, and so must every communication plan be.  We customize every communication strategy per client, tailored to their unique set of strengths and challenges. 


The Austrian economy is traditionally very export-oriented. The most successful companies recognized international relations long before the word “Globalization” was created. As a result, we are an active member of IPREX, a global network of independent PR-agencies with 75 members in over 110 countries. We can activate this network on an as-needed basis for any and all of our clients.